Aromatherapy Oil

  1. Cypriol Oil Nagarmotha Oil

    Cypriol Oil is also known as Nagarmotha Oil and is extracted from roots of Cyperus plant by steam distillation. It has woody, earthy & spicy aroma with Amber clear appearance. This oil is used for various ailments like fever, burning maturation, skin diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, painful menstruation, neurasthenia, general debility, kidney stones, fibromyalgia, gout and other uric acid sensitive conditions. It is used in perfumes, in the manufacturing of soaps, medicine, incense sticks as well as an insect repellent. This organic oil is used as a hair wash and treating hair and scalp disorders.
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  2. Lavender Oil

    Lavender Oil is the organic essential oil extracted from the lavender flower by steam distillation. This oil is a must have in every home as it is the most versatile of all essential oils. It has a fresh, sweet, floral, herbaceous aroma that has a soothing & refreshing effect and is widely used in aromatherapy for relaxation of mind and body. It is also used in making various perfumes. Known for its various health benefits, this oil heals burns and wounds, improves sleep, restores skin complexion and reduces acne and slows aging with powerful antioxidants.
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  3. Avocado Oil

    Avocado oil is one of the healthiest oils, and has numerous health benefits. It comprises antioxidants and healthy fats. It helps in the prevention of high cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity etc. The oil is rich in flavor, minerals and vitamins. Some other health benefits are: lower blood pressure, improved skin and heart health.
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  4. Ylang Ylang Oil

    Ylang-Ylang Oil has exceptional properties as an antiseptic, antidepressant, aphrodisiac, nervine, hypotensive, and sedative component. Its primary benefits are: balanced hormones, calming effects, healthy skin & hair. It is often used in aromatherapy treatments and perfumes etc. Also, this essential oil promotes emotional & spiritual balance.
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