Aromatic Chemicals

  1. Caryophyllene Oxide

    Caryophyllene Oxide is a far famed preservative majorly used in drugs, food, cosmetics. This component is also used in perfumery industry for imparting peculiar aroma. It also has several anti fungal properties. This is a constituent of various essential oils such as clove oil, rosemary, hops and so on. It is one of the chemical that adds spiciness of black pepper.
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  2. Citronellal

    Citronellal is the main compound in the mixture of citronella oil. This component has a colorless appearance and gives the oil its distinctive lemon scent. It is a major isolate in distilled oils from the plants of lemon grass, lemon-scented gum, and lemon-scented tea tree. With its aromatic properties, it is highly used in aromatherapy and soap or perfume production. It is known for its antifungal and insect repellent qualities as well as shows high repellent effectiveness against mosquitoes.
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  3. Citronellal (C10H18O)

    Citronellal (C10H18O) is the major chemical compound that gives the citronella oil its unique lemon scent. It is a major insulate in various oils from plants like lemon scented tree, cymbopogon, lemon scented gum and so on. This compound is responsible for the peculiar aroma in these oils. This component has insect repellent properties specially for mosquitoes and anti fungal qualities too.
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  4. Nerol 99 Percent

    Nerol 99 Percent is a monoterpene found in various essential oils. This is a colorless liquid used in perfumery to add scent to the oils, perfumes etc. It has a sweet rosy aroma and is considered as a fresher. This compound is considered as aromatic chemical which is found in neroli essential oil. Sometimes it is also used in flavoring of food items.
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