Product Description
This powerful and popular oil known as Cyperiol Oil (Nagarmotha Oil) is widely prescribed in the field of Ayurveda for its umpteen health benefits. This yellow to amber to brown colored oil is characterized by a highly woody and smoky odour with leathery undertones. The oil is a complex composition of various compounds, including cyperene, cyperotundone, patchoulenone, beta-selinene, rotundone, corymbolone, and agarol among others. Owing to a precious mix of such ingredients and its pleasantly masculine odour, Cyperiol Oil (Nagarmotha Oil) works well for guys who can add the oil to diffusers in their rooms and even use it as a massage oil.

Main Uses:

1) The oil is highly effective against various skin ailments and bacterial infections.
2) It is beneficial for those suffering from uric acid problems.
3) The oil is known to clear blocked nasal pathways.
4) Owing to its refreshing aroma, it always stays in great demand among perfumers.
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