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Plant and Animal Oil

  1. Basil Oil

    Basil oil is organic oil that is processed from the basil herb using the latest technology. This essential oil can be used to enhance focus and alertness or to add a little extra flavor while cooking. It has a warm, spicy and herbal aroma. This oil is known to reduce anxious feelings as well as provides great benefits to both the mind & body and also, has a cooling effect on the skin. It is also used in cooking to add a fresh, herbal flavor to meats, pasta, and other dishes.
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  2. Black Pepper Oil

    Black Pepper Oil is the essential oil. This oil is processed using steam-distillation from the berries of the pepper plant. It has a spicy, musky, warm, and peppery aroma. This essential oil is widely used as a supplement for digestive and nervous system support and wellness as well as a flavoring in the cooking of various dishes. It is a rich source of antioxidants and supports healthy circulation & aids digestion. One must avoid using this oil if allergic to pepper.
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  3. Clove Bud Oil

    Clove Bud Oil is a warming essential oil steam distilled from the buds and stems of the clove plant. This oil is traditionally used for immune, respiratory, and digestive support, as well as a supplement for food flavoring. This oil has powerful antioxidant properties and helps to soothe teeth and gums. It also promotes circulation, supports cardiovascular health, promotes oral health and builds a healthy immune system. This clove oil has a mild aroma that helps in relaxation of mind and brain.
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  4. Tagetes Oil

    Tagetes Oil is an organic product extracted from the marigold flower. It is used as a powerful topical treatment or diffused for a lovely floral aroma. This oil has a positive effect on skin infections and small weeping wounds as well as is effective in cases of cold and flu. It is an antibiotic, antimicrobial, antiseptic, anti-spasmodic, disinfectant, insecticide, sedative and also, a very good insect repellent and anti-parasitic product. This oil is strongly aromatic with floral, citrus fruit like aroma.
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  5. Cardamom Oil

    Cardamom oil has qualities such as antimicrobial, aphrodisiac, antiseptic, astringent, digestive & stimulant. It has numerous uses and impressive health benefits. This essential oil is extracted from Cardamom seeds. It helps to ease indigestion, and is good for gastrointestinal health. Also, it supports respiratory health and clear breathing.
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